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Autaritus was a commander of Gallic mercenary soldiers in the Carthaginian military during the First Punic War. He participated in the Battle of Agrigentum and despite the mass defection of the men in his command to the Roman Republic, he continued to stay loyal to Carthage. However, when he returned to North Africa, he would eventually become one of the main leaders of the Mercenary War in 240 BC.

He was known as being a gifted pubic speaker and commanded knowledge of the Phoenician language. Using this he was said to have incited his soldiers to commit acts of cruelty such as the massacre of Gesco and his soldiers. However, eventually he became isolated in a canyon during the Battle of "The Saw" by Hamilcar Barca where he surrendered. He would be taken back to Tunis and crucified along with other leaders of the Mercenary War.


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