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Battle of Nepheris (147 BC)

Punic Wars - Punic Wars DecorationBattle of Nepheris Part of the Third Punic War Date 147 BC Location Nepheris, south of Carthage Result Roman victory Belligerents Spqrstone.jpg Roman Republic Carthage standard.svg Carthage Commanders and leaders Spqrstone.jpg Scipio Aemilianus Carthage standard.svg Diogenes of Carthage Strength unknown 7,000-10,000 Casualties and losses unknown 7,000 dead 5,000 prisoners (including non-combatants)


The Battle of Nepheris was the second major conflict of the Third Punic War and occurred in 147 BC at Nepheris which is located south of Carthage. The battle was fought between the Carthaginians led by Diogenes of Carthage against the Roman Republic led by Scipio Aemilianus. Prior to this the Romans had been defeated both during the first Battle of Nepheris by Hasdrubal the Boeotarch as well as the Battle of the Port of Carthage.


During the battle, Scipio surrounded the main Carthaginian military camp and despite having a smaller force soundly defeated them. Surrounded by all sides by Romans, the Carthaginians fought and lost thousands of soldiers before being forced to surrender. Many were taken as prisoners of war, while only 4,000 of them managed to retreat. Overall the loss of the Battle of Nepheris would make a major turning point in the Third Punic War as it deeply affected the resolve and moral of the defenders of Carthage. It would only be a few more months until the capital city of the Carthaginians would fall as well.

Coordinates: 36°36′54.382″N 10°22′59.045″E

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